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Blues Man

My videos- some cover and some originals

  • Biography

    Get to know Middle Georgia's own- Chris Taylor! chris has been playing the guitar since he was 15 and has been singing since the tinder age of 2. He's performed live at Toomsboro's Swampland as a child on up through his teenage years for several events and on occasions. Chris has auditioned for American Idol in 2013 and a year later he auditioned for The Voice in 2014, only to be 1 of 8 out of 18,000 people to advance to the next round. Performances are regular for someone who has so much talent as he continues to make his way through the southeast at restaurants, bars, weddings, private parties, or any event he is invited to play at. You will rarely find him without his guitar and enjoys his passion for writing, singing, and playing covers and his own originals. He released a CD in 2008 titled "Six Strings and a Dream" you can download off of iTunes. For booking information you may contact his Manager, Shannon Decker at 478-363-3011.

  • Show Calendar

    Check here or like my page on Facebook- Chris Taylor Music for updates on all shows. You can follow me on Instagram Gaboy31054 on Twitter Gaboy31054, or my personal Facebook Account.